North vs South | Pac-12 Conference

By Hevert Berame


Well it's not at the level of a civil war but the Pac-12 Conference has been dominated lately by the North. Oregon kicked it up a gear or two then faltered while Washington under Coach Petersen began to build the Washington Huskies program back to the top where it is today. But we are about to see the changing of the guard if what we are believing in the media that a hot team in the south is going to rise and take back the flag and bragging rights.

The USC Trojans football is back. They are deep at the key positions. They are building up the special teams and are fine tuning a team that slipped and fell out of the gate in 2016 and then with the magic of Sam Darnold and the guts to replace the starting QB Max Browne the Trojans were the team no one wanted to play in the Bowl season.

The did run in to the one team that was also on the do not play list which was Penn State. That game that night will always be burned in to the memories of those that were fortunate to be at the game and of course the millions who watched the epic battle.

In 2017 the Trojans bring a nine game winning streak. They bring a confident offense with a rising defensive unit and a questionable kicking team. They have everyones attention thats for sure. The media is hyping the hell out of their potential and from my vantage point it might be well deserved. I haven't seen this depth in years. But beyond the skilled depth that is apparent this team has that walk out of the gate. That swagger that let's the stadium know that they have arrived and they are not here to make friends.

Been a long time Trojan Faithful. But it's time to rekindle that torch. Let Traveler ride and like the famous song goes, ride captain ride....

Fight On