USC Football | Contenders

By Vernie Lariosa


Whether or not you agree or disagree this topic post Pete Carrol has been wrong more than right. We can roll back many of the past 5-6 seasons with evidence where the powers to be looked at the upcoming season, strength of schedule and evaluated the USC Football team against the landscape of the top 25 programs in College Football. Happens every year to USC because USC has been a dominant brand for decades. Not the only school being treated as such by how many Dynasties are out there now or in the past? Very few.

Looking past the flowery projections the reality of this years Trojans is far ahead of what most thought would be a good season last year. Coach Helton had one unique but obvious difference. He was uncertain as to who the QB was going to be between Max Brown and Sam Darnold. May not sound like a big deal but it was. Coach Helton and the team stumbled hard out of the gate with a National audience as witness in Arlington Texas. That loss to Alabama, no matter how you spin it was demoralizing to the team and program. Colin Cowherd a huge supporter of Pat Haden's decision to elevate Clay Helton to permanent Head Coach was calling for his head after 3 weeks.

Nine wins in a row and having the second longest winning streak in Power 5 schools and what a difference a year makes. This years Trojans are expected to execute and be a big time playoff candidate. This years Trojans have the QB position locked and loaded. The Spring practice and heading in to the Player Only Practices leading to Fall Camp and the same guy is taking first team snaps. This is a defining difference in aspirational goals like last year with Max Brown at the helm and Sam Darnold riding a nine game winning streak. This years Trojans will go undefeated in to the playoffs. Write that down.

The USC Trojan dynasty is starting to churn in the right direction. They have Alabama and tOhio State in their path. Clemson has a legitimate claim given the last 2 years. But Dynasty is defined over more than 1-2 seasons of excellence. Let's see what transpires. Let's see if this years Trojans can get past the hype and start to build brick by brick.

Fight On Trojans. #Finish