USC Recruiting | The Return Is On

By Amy Liepold


Programs come and go. USC Football has had long runs in dominating era's over the decades. Each great run typically has also had a downside in between. Not unusual. Cycle of life in competitive college football. Where it all comes to a head is natural. That flow of talent coming in the door when the law of attraction is in tilt mode is amazing. So what happens to tilt the other way?

Recruiting happens. During great runs a program experiences the highest of highest with respect to the Law of Attraction. But the opposite occurs when this door begins to close or perhaps alters its swing. Sometimes the cause is a positive where a high profile coach like McKay or a Pete Carrol reach for the brass ring of the NFL. It happens. With that the doubters begin to spread their concerns in the media which trickles down to the high school recruits and families. These are big stakes. Like no other time has that instant social media been more apparent than during recruiting season.

What the heck is recruiting season? What are we talking 1,2 and 3 years out for the hearts and minds of high school players and in some mysterious fashion even middle school QB-1's. What a joke this has become. But if you don't compete at that level are you a failure within FB and Twitterville? Perhaps.

Recruitment is probably the most overrated process of any phase of the college football period for a family and their prized possession. Their child is racing across America flying to camps and giving their tweets to all who follow about their 17th offer letter during their junior year of high school football. Talk about an overrated process. These kids are flying on cloud nine and their parents are trying to keep up. Yes there are the Lavar Ball's out there that self promote and create an aura of supremacy within their star child prodigy but does it really pay off overall?

Yes and No. Obviously I chose Lavar Ball because of the media he creates for his three boys. He has become the Music Man of the Basketball World but his goals and objectives are hidden yet present all around us. This is about BBB and the pursuit of the sports shoe market which will be all about his promotion and his son's success over time. He is a mad man on a stage and clearly the other side of the spectrum

I struggle getting too excited about a commitment with 6-10 months to go let alone 2 years. Let the kids enjoy their high school years and work on the program messaging and success on the field of play. The Trojans under Clay Helton are doing just that. He has done an amazing job in short order with his staff management and attraction as well as the genuine improvement of the offense, defense and special teams.

Fight On!