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Fight On!


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Welcome to USC24x7 a blog where we follow the USC Trojan Football team year round. The topics here range from the players, staff, games played and recruiting. Always trying to find that spark in the story that is relative to the current and future development of the USC Trojans Football team.

Our blog does not seek to attack but we will tell it like we see it and then move on. The internet is a place where families and friends all seek advice or follow their chosen school and we choose to support the program. Call that USC Trojans Sunshine Pumping or what ever we will always seek the high ground but report on what we saw and how we think things are developing.

As we launch our site we will not be charging a subscription fee of any kind for all of 2017. All readers and writers who register in 2017 or prior will NEVER be charged in the future and be grandfathered in to our full use subscription program. We do this so that we can build our base of USC Fans and college football followers who have the passion we share. You will see ads on our site which help cover our operating costs and allow the site to keep growing and adding new services like our new CHAT partner.

USC Trojan Tradition

In today's world, college football is so focused on instant analysis that at times that drives both the positive and the negative to levels unattainable over time and either pump up the current situation or tries to kill it in a dramatic fashion. We seek the positive side and we tell it like it is. We seek USC Trojan values and tradition. Speaking of Traditio we all just witnessed the greatest two-team performance in Rose Bowl history. Two teams that entered the game as the hottest teams south of Alabama of course squared off. They went at it for 59 minutes and 55 seconds. Then the kick of a lifetime. The kick that was no chip shot sailed through the center of the Rose Bowl’s uprights and placed Matthew Boermeester in the history books of USC Football and the granddaddy of them all the Rose Bowl.

The program is now NCAA sanction free having endured the darkest five years in program history. The rebuilding process is painful but necessary to achieve the Top 5 status in the Power Football elite as soon as possible. That takes time and vision. We have a new Athletic Director in Lynn Swan who has inherited the team at its most vulnerable time.

Even though the sanctions are behind us the legacy impact on the depth of the program is clearly visible. A new head coach in Clay Helton is under tremendous pressure to produce results for the once proud fan base who find themselves attacked and trampled in the world of social media. To unwind all of this and build it back to elite levels will be no small task and weighs heavily on Lynn Swan as athletic director for the USC Trojans. We have a lot to write about so join us. Have fun. Be respectful of the Players, Coaches, and Families of the team and staff and of course each other.

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