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A Season Lost | USC 2018

Fresh off a humiliating loss to Utah on the road where the score was closer than the game played you have to wonder if this coaching staff has lost the season.  A season lost at pretty much mid season is never acceptable.  But last night our coaching staff still had very little accountability post game during the presser.  They applauded their opponent but over and over from Coach Helton to Tee Martin.  Tee Martin talks about a running game that didn’t convert.  When will he look at his preparation and tie it all together as a seamless lack of planning lack of physicality.

From a fans point of view this staff is making it up as they go.  They are trying to be cute and NFL the Pac-12.  Well listen closely Clay and Tee, the PAC-12 isn’t the bar.  The bar is something you will never achieve in true USC Football tradition.  We want to compete ever year.  We want a game plan that has been completely and physically laid out during the game week.  We are seeing many “young” teams that are doing just fine but Tee Martin continues to emphasize that the youth is just that.  Too young to manage and handle the environment.  Really?  So when Amon Brown turn in performances equal to that of a senior what then?  What is that?

This staff is paying the blame game. They point at everything but the mirror that is touching the tip of their nose.  They refuse to take ownership of anything that takes place on the field of play.  Time to pony up coaches.  You have seen the enemy.  You are the enemy.

So, what is the role of the Athletic Director who had the wisdom to provide this unproven band of coaches with extensions.  How did that work out?  Who will ultimately measure AD Lynn Swan?  Where is Lynn now that I think about it?  Does he have the vision of taking this mess on his hands and turning it to something that the fanbase and players want to see develop?  Are we so far removed from the problem that we don’t see it as a problem?  Lynn Swan it’s time to step up and take ownership.  Welcome to USC Football.  Fix this.

Fight On

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