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Chip Kelly To UCLA | Interesting

Sounds like Florida grew tired of the Chip Kelly circus and claim to have moved on never making an offer. Does this mean that UCLA can lower their offer. Hate to see Westwood over pay. Chip and his entourage will now be facing the prospects of a single threaded negotiation. Not optimal but we have seen this from Chippy before. Ego will be ego right?

Time will tell if Westwood can close this deal. Sounds like their offer is on the surface a good deal to draw the Kelly bandwagon to Southern California. Not a slip there. As we look at the potential of what a high-profile coach will do for the conference let alone UCLA it’s all good. A strong UCLA is good for the conference and good for USC. Keeps the pedal floored on recruiting locally. The pressure on USC will increase which can only benefit the program. Playing a strong UCLA will have style points for the conference and the wins that USC will mount up over time.

Competition at the end of the day is good. Too often these games are played and the two teams have not been relevant the past 10 years. With Chip Kelly he will draw the high school seniors in California as he did while at Oregon. Only now he will drive to the recruiting homes and local high schools and junior colleges. No denying what he did for Oregon and that is one for the record books but like so many he was unable to finish the ultimate win which is the National Championship. Close but no cigar Chip.

Keep an eye out for the latest on UCLA’s search but to be honest I hope they land Chip and I for one believe he will be relevant and a tough team to beat which is how we want it.

Fight On

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