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Coach Todd McNair | Time For Redemption

Coach Todd McNair is finally approaching the long awaited trial.  We have completed 3 days of jury selection and now we are close to actually starting the trial.  Anticipation is that this case will go 3-4 weeks but as we have seen all predictions related to the this topic have been missed.  Coach McNair has been amazingly resilient in hanging in there for this process to finally seek justice.  It’s interesting that the very courtroom that was selected was so small that one has to wonder how much the size of the room was taken in to consideration to minimize exposure live.  Just thinking out loud here.

The NCAA has been dodging bullets on this trial for years.  Since the day it all broke and Reggie Bush became much more of a demon to USC vs the champion and Heisman Trophy winner that he is one person has suffered deeply.  Todd McNair.  McNair was the running back coach at the time of the Reggie Bush scandal for those wondering.  Todd was attacked by the NCAA and accused of having full knowledge of the infractions committed by the accused athlete, Reggie Bush.  Was anything actually proven that Reggie Bush committed the alleged infractions?  Sure they had statements from Felon’s who were motivated by the fame and fortune of Reggie.  Did anyone actually produce a legal document showing that Reggie Bush, an adult, actually signed a contract with the Felons to represent him as a future professional athlete?  If so, I missed that one for sure.

The trial in the media has gone on for way too long.  The lack of progress and delay tactics by the NCAA is clearly a reflection of how they want to outlast McNair and hope he goes away.  Had the administration at USC lifted a finger in support as we saw Ohio State and Penn State due in their cases perhaps we would be talking a different tone here.  But the USC administration is acting like this never happened.  They want nothing to do with this publicly and so here McNair sits.  A once great coach who was in the prime of his coaching career and well respected by his peers and players.

We can only hope that Coach McNair is vindicated and that the NCAA is brought to it’s needs in how Paul Dee’s orchestrated one of the most targeted campaigns of attack on a persons character and career that we have seen in quite some time.  It’s sad that Paul Dee will not be available to cross exam as he has since passed away.  But the email evidence and clear orchestration of he and his staff are public property today and tell a very different story than the NCAA initiated against McNair.

Fight On!

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