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Cotton Bowl USC vs Ohio State | Dec 29th 5:30pm PST

Well well well, so Nick Saban who just last year stated that NO team should be “allowed” in the College Football Playoffs if they haven’t won their Conference Championship suddenly can’t remember ever saying that.

Like they say, be careful what you put in the hands of our beloved media.  This is a classic and no one challenges the legendary coach?  Sad.  Well Urban Meyer might be thinking of a way to get this honored.

Coach Helton and staff now have a great team to play in Ohio State. This would be so much better in the Rose Bowl like so many of yesteryear.  The Cotton Bowl will be and the Trojans can redeem themselves in Jerryville for their less than auspicious first attempt against Alabama in 2016.  Now they have the time to study the film. Find those cracks in the armor and heal up.  No word on Porter Gustin but wouldn’t it be nice to see the two most exciting defensive ends in college football meeting in the backfield at J.T. Barrett come December 29th?

Players on both sides will heal.  The film will be read and viewed in depth by both sides.  Time will tell which team shows up wanting to win or just wanting to be there.  Clay Helton has a chance in this game to unleash everything that this talent rich squad has to offer.  Throw the kitchen sink at tOSU.  Unleash the beast in RoJo and turn it loose with all the new developed WR’s that have stepped up so well the last quarter of the season.  Michael Pittman, Jr. has been stepping up since he came back from injury week after week.  He plays all over the field and his play against Stanford will be forever etched in our memories.

Uchena and hopefully Porter will be teaming up once again in 2017.  If they are both ready and Porter is truly healthy this team can put a lot of heat on Barrett and he will have to run for his life as his passing accuracy under pressure is never a highlight reel. But if we don’t contain and he gets free then it could be a long night for Clancy as he reconfigures his containment to gain control of the game.  So many great players will be in AT&T Field for the Cotton Bowl this one might be one of the largest viewing audiences of all the Bowls.

Nick Saban
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