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Exciting New Updates Coming!

As we head into summer and control our amazing turnaround in the program our site too will be changing. Game Day as many of you know is a key piece to our site but our blog is our true passion. I felt like it was time to partner with a unique artist who has amazing skills. After many discussions back and forth I chose to work with Will Bennett. I know many of you have seen his great portrayals of the USC Players and Recruits. Who better than Will, I thought, to take our blog to new and exciting levels.

As of this update, Will is putting together our theme for 2022. Similar to the old Washington Redskin days of glory where they promoted the Hogs we will be focusing on our trenches and the amazing work our coaches and players are doing to shore up an area of the program that has been deeply needing the attention and investment we are seeing today!

So that's the hint. If you have seen Will's work you will soon be seeing it here as well. I highly recommend working with this creative artist if you too are looking for that unique look and messaging for your own needs.

Fight On and stay tuned

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Love the site bro

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11 thg 6, 2022
Phản hồi lại

Thanks and come back often Get ready to compete on our Game Day contest too

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