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Fall Camp Begins Today

Al Davis coined, "Just Win Baby", I think that was a great way to look at the 2020 Trojans. They won ugly. They were a remake of the Cardiac Kids to go back to another great tag. But every game you really didn't know if they would win. The Trojans didn't know how to dominate. Would start games lethargic and seemingly just expecting to win. This is partly the player's responsibility of course but where are the coaches to be held responsible? Why can't this team year after year get the motivation to crush an opponent anytime and anywhere?

It all leads us back to Coach Clay Helton. He is still learning at the expense of a proud USC Trojan Football program. He doesn't have the mentoring to be in this role to rise to the occasion and demand that level of tone in the locker room that transitions to the tunnel and enters the field of battle. Not now. Not ever. He's just this simple happy guy kissing the ground of Heritage Hall each and every day.

Fall camp hype is here. Has been since the spring. Physical football is pumped into the veins of the media at a pace similar to years past under Helton. But something isn't translating when it leaves his speeches. The dominance has had moments of brilliance with individuals but where is that Pack Mentality where the players are all on the same page? This Fall Camp has to establish a very different tone. It has to be relevant to seasons past where hype never turned into results on Game One. Need I say, Arlington?

Fight On

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