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Money Makes The World Go Round

So why are all the Non-SEC conferences not poaching the SEC? The NCAA has never been more vulnerable than now. Sure the SEC holds all the rich media money for each school. We could stop there but let's digress a bit. Right now the non-SEC commissioners should be lobbing phone calls to at the very least Texas A&M. Right? Wouldn't that be funny to watch the circus reappear in town all over the SEC's doorstep? A bit of the old quid-pro-quo.

Texas and Oklahoma have had their feasting for many years in their former conference, may they rest in peace. So now we are four going to say 3 super conferences with the Pac-12 hanging on for dear life. The funny thing about the PAC is they don't realize what is happening to them and with a new commish, it's the worst of times to rally the University Presidents to do anything in real-time. The SEC may not be done.

What if this isn't about the SEC. What if this is all about a geographic take over of all that is college football. Couldn't the SEC expand unlimited in size? Who's to say this is the end versus the beginning of a major move to do away with the NCAA as they fiddle around with their Presidents desires to remove football as a key value to their precious universities?

The time is now to move on from the NCAA. The table is set. Strong-willed SEC professionals are taking matters into their own hands and I for one believe this is just the beginning.

Fight On

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