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Most Exciting Player in USC Football History | RB Reggie Bush Highlights ᴴᴰ

There will always be another legend in the making. Goes without saying. But this young man at this time has left the college football world with a highlight reel to end all. Reggie Bush was a gifted athlete. He had a football IQ that was off the charts. He saw things that others talk about the next day only he saw it developing in real-time.

Reggie transformed the USC Trojan Football team. His legacy will never be erased. It happened and it happened against some of the greatest teams in the most amazing venues of all that College Football has to offer. For his years at USC the school will forever be amazing. That gear that he had. That twitch in his re-direction at full speed. The Fresno State stop on a dime and cut like it was a normal thing to do. I could go on and on.

Reggie Bush made the team better. He created a monster over 30+ games and every snap of the ball you just knew he would be touching the leather and you knew the odds were good that something special would result in his being there. It’s hard to compare as USC has had so many great running backs. But this young man was a step ahead. This running back set expectations beyond anything anyone had seen before.

We can only hope that the Administration of USC drops this anti Reggie Bush campaign and reunite the program to an athlete so deserving. The games happened. The runs, the catches the returns and all the touchdowns happened. Why not now? The Coliseum will be going through a renovation over the next 2-3 years why not an attitude shift?

What say you Lynn Swan?

Fight On

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