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Nebraska - Scott Frost

The start of the season is right here. Right now. Nebraska football is clearly unhinged right now as the NCAA is investigating the program for possible infractions with the role of the analysts. Let's all at least agree that these analysts have been stretching the role time after time so this particular witch hunt might have merit but it also feels like someone turned Scott Frost in from within the program. If he goes down or the program, in general, goes down by the heavy hand of the NCAA will this open up the investigation wider say where it all started with Alabama and other top programs?

I can see the argument to sweep through the majors and see what is really going on. On the other hand, do we see the analyst role as a role that is important and adding value to both the athletes and the school's athletic department? The NCAA is under a microscope as well right now as there are many across the landscape that would love to see the Power schools say goodbye and reform up elsewhere. Long shot of course as its easy to dream but very difficult to just get up and take your toys to form a new League.

Do we have an opportunity to fix everything? The SEC has to be nervous as well as the USC's, Michigans, Ohio State, and the Clemson's of the world of college football. Human nature is what it is and people will do things that they know in their hearts is not quite kosher but will push that bar higher and higher for the good of the team and their careers. Look at how many analysts have risen out of Alabama. Great mentoring and teaching going on there and no one is suggesting they have done anything wrong so why not study Alabama and see where it takes the future role of the analyst?

Fight On

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