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NFL 2019 Draft Snafu |Porter Gustin

Not a very exciting draft season in 2019 for the NFL. In fact, it was pretty boring for the most part. Four Trojans made through with draft selection and others did not. This blog post is about one in particular. One that I believe will be the biggest surprise of the 2019 graduating class from College to the NFL. Porter Gustin is an amazing football athlete. He epitomizes the ultimate warrior from his nutritional and work out regime. No one worked harder at keeping their body in top performing order like Porter.

Porter played with an all-out attack on the offensive line and backfield. He was so fast and so strong that most just hoped he was not lining up on their side during the games. He had that type of impact. Statistically Porter Gustin was off the charts. Injuries were the only way to slow this Trojan down. He gave every ounce of his body on every snap. No taking a play off for this warrior. He knew how to attack and he knew how to prepare but he couldn’t stop one agonizing issue. He got hurt. He played hurt. Maybe too often but no coach could keep this young man out of a game if he could lace up his cleats. He wasn’t going to sit out a snap let alone a game.

Even with all of the challenges in his career at USC his statistical performance is unmatched. He was being talked about as round one in 2019 not the results we all saw of course. He had that All American look and many were tagging Porter as the next great edge rusher to enter the NFL when he was a junior. He had that type of game and by the way, he still has it. He more than any athlete I have ever seen (I go back 60 years now) can come back from the agony of an injury. Always has. Always will. He was a coaches dream and a coaching nightmare. He would just not sit on the bench and recoup. Had he done that the team would have suffered even more.

The Trojans were in every game he played in. I was at the Texas game and that wonderful start by our Cardinal & Gold and then we all saw what happened. Porter got ejected and from that point forward we were toast. It was over. The spark and heart of the defense was gone and Texas knew it. They came back and never looked back as #45 walked off the field to the tunnel. It was a long walk for those of us in the stands. We knew it. We knew the odds without him causing havoc in the offensive backfield would reduce our chances and boy did they.

The NFL clearly tagged Porter as a high risk. Are you kidding me? Josh Rosen was just dumped. A first rounder one year ago for nothing. Porter will show up on a NFL roster in 2019. Easiest prediction of the post draft season now. Who will be the fortunate Defensive Coordinator? Well I for one hope my Jets get him and get him fast. USC East as they are calling them and Porter Gustin would be ideal to rekindle Gang Green.

Porter I want to thank you for your amazing career at USC. I came to watch you on many occasion and I was never let down. You may feel like the world is against you well I call that inspiration. I call that playing with a chip. Not that you needed the motivation. When the phone starts to ring take every one of those calls to the limit. Show up. Show the NFL what they did by discounting your heart and soul.

Fight On

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