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Spring Is In The Air

Well this week brought some pretty extreme weather back to the California region. Rain. Haven't really seen a lot of our old friend. In the northern part of the state they are talking brutal cold to go with that as we dipped into the low 30's last night. Not complaining as this drought, there I said it, needs some help from mother nature and fast. I'm hearing up to five inches of rain in Dillon Beach (north of the city) and that will move south east throughout the day. Let's hope those who need help get out of their flood areas early and our EMT's can do their job effectively.

Ok so I titled this, Spring is in the air, where did that come from given that opening rant? We have finally rid the PAC-12 of the worst commissioner that I have personally witnessed in 60 years. Highly paid and never a result to his name that brought any rationale to his steep salary and what ever bonuses he achieved. How do you get any bonuses when in fact you leave the cupboard bankrupt and your member schools in deep financial straits?

So now we have an opportunity to start in a new direction. Change our ways and go follow the right programs that are growing in popularity and gaining more financial strength ever day. Ditch this toy called the PAC-12 Network. It won't compete in its present state and thats proven. Let's hope that the powers to be in this next investment are thinking broader. Open up the PAC-12 schools to full media exposure. It's critical. Kill these Friday and Thursday night whacko ideas of Larry Scott. No more 9am Saturday games. Noon is fine. Get on the open media standards and then lets see if we can drive up the quality of the PAC-12 to be back in the hunt of the elite conferences.

Fight On

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