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Thankful for 10-2 | PAC-12 Championship Bound

The Trojans have dominated the Pac-12 South.  As champs of the South they await the next round of games to see whom they will play December 1st at Levi Stadium.  The winner of the Apple Bowl between Washington and Washington State will dictate the Trojans next challenge.

Coach Clay Helton should be riding that natural high of the past two seasons.  He has back-to-back 10 win seasons and a huge victory over Penn State in the Rose Bowl. But when you follow the media and listen to the concerns over the lack of a kill switch on the offensive side of the ball you have to stare at Coach Helton.  If he would step up and recognize the obvious and make a directional commitment to the play calling inside the Red Zone I believe the cloud over his amazing record would lift.

Get back in the huddle Trojans.  Stop this lazy approach to Tempo.  I’d be very thankful to see the team huddle up.  They waste time in tempo like no other team and that takes away from the very advantage it’s designed to yield.  By huddling up, the leadership from Sam to the offense will solidify.  Sam will be able to call out the direction of the play and unite them against their opponent on every play.  Can’t do that with placards of the Lakers and Bulls from the sideline while the clock ticks down to 5 seconds and hurry up only relates to the wasted time out that we ended up needing at the end of the first half of the UCLA game.  Hmmm, coulda shoulda.

All in all if you close your eyes and see the statistics of this team you are smiling.  Yes Sam has a high rate of turnovers but he like his Coach is undefeated in the Coliseum and 10-2 this year too.  Actually Sam’s stats are not too shabby as he has grown in areas where he needed to.  Fix the interceptions and the fumbles and Sam I Am is unstoppable.

Thankful for Clancy Pendergast as he has shown exciting pressure plays during the season.  Would love to see even more and spend more time developing our secondary coverage as at times it appears to be lost in coverage when we zone or transition from man to zone.  Coach Bradford has a stable of young talented athletes and has a big offseason to figure out how to take this defensive backfield to new levels.  The D Line has looked impressive with all the injuries and Coach K has done a great job developing the younger players.

All in all a 10-2 season and one that we should all be thankful for.  But Trojan Fans never settle and the PAC-12 Championship and a shot at winning a big time bowl (Fiesta Bowl) would be a good finish to this season.

Fight On

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