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USC Football | gut check

Times they are a changing. Right before our eyes we have a country in a media frenzy and a three sided nation that seeks a middle ground that our beloved media will never allow. Just what is being taught in our Universities on Reporters seeking the truth vs 140 characters of fame without investigated research? Has the Enter Key on the keyboard of our technology become weaponized to a point of no return? Gut check America and the world. We have an enemy that has no rules and no barriers to shame. Our blog has taken many twists and turns over this and we are all watching the College Football conferences state by state try to figure out how they can not only hang on to their beloved revenue engine but do so safely. This at a time where no one can be 100% safe until science has produced verifiable tests for a true vaccine. We are getting closer every day but can we wait for 100%

The Pac-12 conference is pretty much all about California. Yes, Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Utah are essential but without California fully in agreement with the other states this conference is in trouble. A gut check by Larry Scott commissioner of the conference is on the table. Even Scott cannot over rule the Governors and in some cases the University Presidents. The protocols for this dilemma are being formed each and every day. This in itself creates disunity and the college football loyal fans are pulling their hair out.

Suffice to say the University Presidents across the nation are stressing over this topic. They are used to regulations and formal process steps. This puts them in a zone they do not typically do well with. They find it very difficult to provide substantial and meaningful direction in their news briefs. This won’t get any easier until science has weighed in with factual evidence and a plan to protect the world let alone our beloved country.

Time for a gut check America…..

Fight On!

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