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USC Football Spring Eternal

I can't really say the hype will soon begin as USC Football 2021 is already overhyped. The good news is that like every Helton campaign we have the athletes to win. We have a good staff under him that is starting to take shape and can obviously recruit. We are seeing a renaissance of that old saying, the law of attraction, to USC Football. But you have to deliver. You have to be able to sell it on the field of play and you have to dominate the teams that you should dominate and not be in a last-second hope for victory every game.

The 2020 Trojans had a lot to deal with. So did everyone else so no excuses. Spring/Summer and Fall camp have to step it up physically. No one expects the in-season practices to have that pop but you should have at least one Competition Practice where starting positions can change come game day. This would go a long way in bringing the fans to the fence line again and leaning in with the hope backed by the reality of change to the spring, summer, and fall camps. This year this season we have to hear the pop.

The media has poisoned this team with hype once again. Maybe this is part of the keep USC down by overhyping every spring. There appears to be a pattern. When you earn the hype well that's a whole different ball game. We just came off a 180 of a recruiting season where the early plus the signing day recruits are solid. Great job by the staff and working as a cohesive unit when in those living rooms and Twitter chats. It's a tough job to recruit in a world of distrust and lack of commitment. This Trojan Recruiting staff was lights out and did a very solid job.

If the fans could ask one favor of this spring it would be to record the pops. Make a soundtrack that echos the development of physicality back into the Trojan huddle. Oh and huddle up as USC Tempo under Harrell is a joke. We average a snap at under 5 seconds per snap clock so who's kidding who here? Build leadership in that huddle. Bring Kedon to a new level as a leader. Can't do that snapping every play and never looking your keys in the eyes and nodding.

Fix this in 2021

Fight On!

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