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USC President Folt Arrives

The University of Southern California can finally begin the long road back to respect. They have announced Carol L. Folt as their new President and can now begin the difficult task of cleaning up the hallways and swelling leadership concerns that have hung over the school like a widening storm. President Folt is no stranger to challenges having just come off a difficult inheritance at the University of North Carolina. While her exit from North Carolina was mixed (depending on who you spoke to) you cannot help but see that she took aim at things that were clearly in need of change and took action.

She inherits a university desperate for a Leader. A permanent leader. It’s time to look at all levels of the schools management including the Board of Trustees for functional capabilities and most importantly trust that they have the best interest in the students who attend this proud school. No more excuses. No more allowing the obvious mismanagement to continue. President Folt’s will research and begin to instill a level of confidence and oversight long overdue at USC.

How will this effect the football team? Where will her guidance help pull up the program and bring accountability in the AD’s office? The recent admission fiasco was a clear indication of how little oversight was being provided by the past and current athletic director. We cannot ignore this. We cannot tolerate this.

With Spring Camp in full swing now that we are back from spring break the athletes and the families who entrust the AD and Head Coach to properly and professionally manage their kids. This is the very least that should be provided. Over the past 5 years, we have seen the ups and downs on the field and inside the program. Athletes getting into trouble and being kicked off the team and others accused without due process. All of these can pin programs ears to the turf and stop its momentum and progression to rising back to the elite levels of college football.

To President Folt we say Fight On and welcome to a school that needs your strong leadership and guidance.

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