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USC Trojan Football | Day Before

UNLV Rebels are in town and can’t wait to take their stride in to the Coliseum on Saturday.  The game kicks off at 1pm PDT and will be broadcast, uh, no where.  Sadly, our beloved PAC-12 Network took the game so unless you are in LA and can get a ticket you will be watching it soon on the SEC Sports Network, ESPN.  We have evolved backwards in the PAC-12 Conference.  The conference of Champions but does anyone really know?

Ok, back to Saturday or tomorrow.  The Trojans made the big decision on QB-1 and J.T. Daniels the Senior in High School will be commanding the offense.  Hard to imagine that someone who should be attending his best year in High School will be running out of the tunnel to lead the Trojans.  But wait, he is no ordinary teenager.  J.T. Daniels is mature beyond his years.  He has that IT factor we all think about when looking at new athletes coming up the ranks.  Poise beyond his years and a level of maturity that quite frankly is a lost art among many.

Coach Helton and staff are not without drama going in to Saturdays game with the UNLV Rebels.  Late breaking news that Bubba Bolden, recently promoted to starter on the defensive side was ineligible for Saturdays game with undisclosed reasons other than personal.  This kid has busted his tail in spring and fall to earn that starting position so let’s hope this is not what the media is suggesting.  Not going there.  Let’s give the young man and his family the benefit of the doubt.

Trojan depth on offense and defense.  Pause a moment.  What did I just say?  When is the last time any of the Trojan Nation have said Depth in any description of the Trojans position chart?  Not only depth in 2018 but quality depth.  Clay Helton takes his shots.  He hasn’t done well in Key games (Alabama, tOSU, ND) but his record of wins in his launch is good.  He now has the tools thanks to his recruiting build up for the past 3 years to change the narrative.  He can do what everyone expects all Trojan Football teams to do.  Take the next step.  Drive past the PAC-12 Championship game at Levi Stadium and take a seat at the Playoff Table entering from a position of strength.  No more bubble team.  Win It.

Fight On

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