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USC Trojans | Jekyll or Hyde vs Notre Dame

This years USC Trojans are anything but an interesting pick on a weekly basis. The arrived in the Coliseum for game one against a 2016 12-1 team in Western Michigan and basically slept through the first three quarters and darn near lost the opener. Surely didn’t tell the college football Gods and reason to believe in all the hype for 2017. The schedule for USC was never going to be easy but this Jekyll & Hyde we have been seeing is lacking the Hyde attitude that’s for sure. Too much of the Doctor for this publisher to stomach. Where’s my pepto?

This is Notre Dame week and the Trojans are underdogs. The Irish are licking their chops as they have the benefit of a bye week to prepare for the Trojans and a home game to boot. The Trojans lack a bye week this year but clearly could have used one. So, what will Notre Dame prepare for? The team that showed up and completely blew apart Stanford or the one that lost to Washington State Cougars and waltzed their way through the others? I think Notre Dame is in trouble here. The team lacks a defined character definition. Heck, we throw to 11 players in any one game. Sure Deontay Burnett is the WR go-to guy but Sam is Sam and he is not bashful on where to throw the spirals.

USC Coaches have their hands full with all the injuries and lack of experience going in to South Bend this week. Lots of kids for the first time in this part of college football rivalry week. The only bright spot to the high level of injuries this year is experience for the incoming freshmen and underclassmen. This coaching staff has been reluctant to take away those redshirts as we have all painfully witnessed but this year it was a whole new attitude after week 2. I think the long term impact is going to be good and all of these minutes and experience will pay off.

This years game should be a classic. Both teams are coming in on top of their game and Notre Dame is 1 point away from being undefeated and they play a strong schedule every year. USC is trying to prove it belongs quite frankly and now as an underdog will have it’s shot and a national recruiting audience to boot.

Fight On

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