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USC | Weekly Score Forum

Launching in 2019 will be a new feature on USC24x7.COM. In development right now is a new Forum feature that will allow our subscribers (no charge btw) to predict the score of every game. There will be a winner each week and a place to trash the scores of each other (Just Kidding) in the forums as well.

Nothing to show yet and we are tweaking the functionality so if you have things that you would like to see please advise. We will be showing the prize categories as well for the winners!

For now, sit back and comment below or as many of you do just email me at and I will get your thoughts and ideas submitted to my coder. Who informed me after he signed the contract that he is a Bruin Alum….I will be watching how the code performs the week of that game every year.

Fight On everyone. Looking forward to the new season and our new Forum Feature.

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