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Welcome home reggie bush

We have been hoping for today for a long time. We have been going through a difficult challenge with our fight against the silent enemy in COVID-19 and all the political heartache where no one knows the true truth at any time. But today we have #5 Reggie Bush off his 10-year probation at the hands of the NCAA. Reggie exits his 10-year explosion with open arms at Heritage Hall. This is what College Football fans of USC Football and the nation can use. Reggie transforms the game. He took the basic elements of the game and created new angles and made us all shake our heads. His body was always in tip-top shape and yet he put it through enough twists turns and stop and goes to warrant any number of injuries we sadly see in football.

Reggie is special. The Trojan program post PC has been waiting for this. This is something. This is hope transcending in real-time with his re-arrival. Reggie is coming home. His home has s new look but it will never forget his moments under the sun and into the night of the Los Angeles Coliseum and all opponents stadiums for three years that he gave his heart and soul to Ole SC. Fans have that something now. Sure there are those who want to see Reggie apologize. The evidence is certainly there to assume he may have known of what was happening but did he participate? Does it matter now? People can choose to vote independently on this topic as any so let the lines be drawn. Reggie and the fans of USC invested 10 years of agony over not being able to see Reggie as the iconic person that he is local. It’s time to embrace the future. Throw out the rear-view mirrors and let’s get ready for September 5th with #5 helping us get pumped up and focused on turning the Tide on Alabama in Arlington Texas.

Welcome Home Reggie Bush!

Fight On

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