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A New Sheriff In Town

As we are about to enter the second season of the Lincoln Riley era it's very clear that there is a new sheriff in town. Heritage Hall has a new and vibrant look these days. No more hype no more interesting recruiting class. The USC Trojans are at a very different level these days and not at all looking to slow down on the law of attraction. Coach Riley has a staff that is working as one. They are seeing more and more visits with the elite of the graduating seniors and continue to have the transport portal express coming in each week.

To think, just a few months ago, ok a year plus we were listening to another PAC-12 Pre Season interview with a coach that was as out of place as Gomer Pyle was in the marines. But that was Hollywood and here we are today. Completely flipped around and causing the elite programs to take notice and voice concern, Lord Saban. When you get Nick angry you know something is working. When Saban starts to cry out to the SEC Media train at EsecPN well there you go. And cry he did. Moaning about the fact that other programs have now figured it out and are coming for the SEC.

While all programs outside of the SEC have to prove on every Saturday this team in this the second year of Lincoln Riley is shaping up on the Offensive side of the coin as truly exciting and the defense has been adding valuable experience and new high school interest like no other time well since Pete Carroll. Next stop fall camp. Next stop is the development of all these new faces and repeating the start of the season to compete at the end of the season and be relevant towards the selection committee. It's time to show me the physicality. It's time to prove it in their last PAC-12 season and leave nothing to second guess.

Fight On!

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