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Building Loyalty and Momentum

This week has had a rush of exciting media leaks regarding the momentum towards expansion of the playoffs. Lot's to review on this as it continues to take a life of it's own but we have seen this train coming. I am hearing going to 8 and even 12. I like the 8 model personally and it allows for the Power 5 champs to get in. Then 3 other teams to be potential playoff bound as well. There should be room for this and going to 12 well maybe that has a place down the road as well but let's get to 8 first!

College Football is battling interest from the fans who love the NFL brand. The NFL has continued to reinvent itself over time to push the envelope and create loyalty amongst the fan base. Even those of us who are diehard Jet Fans come back every fall hoping that this year might be the year. We shall see.

College Football is also looking at the monetary share policies to the athletes. I have mixed emotions on this one. If I had a child going through the program maybe I would lean with the payment for signage ideas but I don't. You could ask why should that matter. It's simple for me, it's emotional. I get this. But I also don't fully appreciate what will happen to these athletes with their personal money management and where is the IRS in all of this? They probably can't wait to benefit from increased taxation coming in to the system. Beware players this needs your full attention!

Brand is all about building momentum into increasing a schools program through loyalty. USC has finally realized just how far behind the curve they were and began to invest in what we now see as "The Boulevard". Big hill to climb here with those of us who have been around long enough to watch these new branding methods and shake their heads wondering what is going on. I for one, have begun to re-think my initial views of USC's marketing program and I'm starting to see the impact this investment is having in a positive sense. Kids are attracted to shinny objects. Hell many people of all ages are. But a high school aged athlete is living the Twitter shine. This is where The Boulevard investment impacts the recruitment and loyalty to the brand. I think it's working.

What do you think?

Fight On

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Unknown member
Jun 09, 2021

I personally like to keep the SC Football traditions. If they want all the glitz and diva glamour go somewhere else. This is College Football…only a tiny percent get here from high school… and an even more teeny percent may go Pro. That’s just the plain simple facts. The era of players of everyone gets a trophy has landed on the bench if fortunate enough to get there, expecting to be first team. We are NOT a Football College. They get to play College Football and get a prestigious education. I guess I will have to start watching pop warner Fight On✌️

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