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College Football Bowl Games | Change In The Air?

Times they are a changing.  We are now awaiting final human selection for the final 4 playoff seats. Amazing how coaches can sing distinctly different tunes when their team is on the other side of the coin one season from another.  They are crying foul this year when last year they preached conference championship should be required.  Sorry, Nick Saban but you are a hypocrite when it comes to this topic but we do appreciate you are merely crying out for the injustice delivered to Penn State last year that could be your Alabama Tide this year.  Funny thing is that Urban Meyer could be the winner in decidedly different roles for his Buckeyes.  Interesting.

Looking at our once treasured bowl season lets all say it.  They are a mess. They have less and less meaning every year.  Is it time to just say goodbye to our past and deal with the present?  I’m no expert here and I have benefited from watching over 50 Rose Bowls and countless others.  But is it time?  Does the college football fan want to see justice as we now put a toe in to this thing called a playoff.  But it really isn’t.  A playoff has the word play and off in it.  It doesn’t say anything about a committee deciding would will play and who is off.  Why not just take the TOP 64 schools.  Decide who they are.  Create rules on how you make the League of 64 and how you could lose your membership.

Then take this League of 64 and create 4 conferences.  North, South, East and West.  Each conference would have 16 Teams.  Then break the conferences in to divisions of 8 teams each.  This is the best solution.  Each of the 8 teams must play the 7 games inside their division.  They then must play 3 League of 64 members.  The other rule is that you cannot play the same out of division league of 64 team more than 2 years in a row.  This will lead to better distribution of the schools brand and force the schools who don’t like to travel to travel.  Or leave the League. Imagine the recruiting improvement across all schools when they have to schedule and play on to win.

Scheduling the out of division games could be random.  A computer system could randomly schedule these games so that no one controls their bottom feeding patsy schedules like a Mercer at the end of the year to rest your team.  This has to stop.

What are your thoughts?

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