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Defense To Offense | B1G Readiness

There are times over the years when a program reaches that one game that turns things around. Was the Holiday 2023 Bowl Game that game? We shall see. We do know that joining the Big Ten means life as we knew it would be very different in the trenches. We also know that the level of effort type of players recruited whether from high school or the transfer portal, we must step up the type of trench players that all teams need to compete in the B1G.

If you look at statistics and look at the 2023 losses USC was outscored by 67 points in the 5 games lost. On average that equates to 13.4 per game. These numbers tell me that if we can get it together on defense and develop both sides of the ball in the trenches while re-establishing the CBs and hard-hitting Safeties (Taylor Mays style) then the future could be very bright.

While we all need to wait and watch there is a sense of pride and team that we haven't seen for quite some time. Ok, one game doesn't equate to a trend but every trend has that first game or instance that triggers a trend and the Holiday Bowl was ours. You could feel it whether at the game or watching it live on TV. It happened.

Fight On!


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