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It’s That Time Of Year | Coaching Judge & Jury

They say it’s the best of times and the worst of times when we get to the end of the college football season.  All too often it is more negative than positive and by definition it makes sense.  There are far more losers than winners as we wind down each season.  Just math.  Just careers launched to new heights and those that are sent packing.  Jim Mora, former head coach, of UCLA found the down side of a three year skid in his tenure.

Jim Mora was not the first coach to be fired this season and he won’t be the last.  But on his birthday?  Really UCLA?  That sounds awfully Kiffin of you although his was a tarmac at the airport in the dark of early morning post loss.  Couldn’t this have waited for Monday morning in the office the week of Thanksgiving?  I digress.

Jim Mora had six seasons to take over LA.  Sad part was that he had a huge advantage in year one with USC a bit busy with the NCAA sanctions.  He rose to power publicly as the UCLA program rose to new heights in the first half of his tenure.  However, the last three years and most notably this past season was anything but a rising tide for Coach Mora.  He was on the downside of his lease with UCLA.  Oh and don’t forget that being fired with a $12M severance check ain’t too shabby.  The Mora’s will be fine.  Ego’s will repair and he will surface again as there are many opportunties in college football land.

The real irony is that UCLA plaid one of it’s best games of the year.  Outgained and out played the Trojans for the most part and self destructed on mistakes or that game could have easily ended differently and Chip Kelly would have signed as a Gator by now.

Best to coach Mora.  Wish the family well.

Fight On

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