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Notre Dame Week | USC As An Under Dog

USC is 6-1 and feeling like 1-6 in the media. The locker room is not feeling the way it did at this time last year. Last year this team was coming out of a funk. They were believing in themselves. This year the team is better when coming from behind although at times they have a great first series and go right down the field but then Im not sure who the team is until it get’s behind.

Last year we were talking about Gunslinger Sam. This year we are talking about what’s wrong with Sam? Well statistically if you remove the fumbles and the interceptions he is doing ok. But we cannot take away the fumbles and the interceptions can we.

Notre Dame is the most quiet one loss team in the country. In fact, they were very close to beating Georgia and being in a Top 5 discussion right now. Yes, Notre Dame. As USC boards it’s flight for South Bend this week they will do so as an adverstised under dog. When’s the last time USC was an under dog to Notre Dame? It’s been a long time. Hopefully, Coach Helton will use these clippings as a motivational focus to get that chip on the shoulder in the locker room. Take the practice level to a competition every day approach. Get angry. Get back to what was preached in spring and fall camp. Fast and physical football all the time. All three disciplines.

Notre Dame is going to be coming in to this game feeling pretty darn good about themselves. Coach Kelly was on the hot seat and rumored to be anywhere but Notre Dame in 2018. How quickly that can change. This is such a big game for the Trojans and Coach Helton. USC has two rivals that regardless of their record are must wins. UCLA and Notre Dame are the rivals. Take nothing away from Stanford and Washingon these are the two must win games.

Beating Utah was a must. Had to be a win and keep control of the South. Not that the team came out like it felt that way as the first half was a complete dud. No rhythm at any level. Defensive lapses from jumping the count to lost in coverage and forgetting how to tackle. One game that had two halves with two different attitudes. When this team comes out in the first quarter and puts it all together for 60 minutes they will be unbeatable.

Special tip of the hat to the Utes coach Kyle Whittingham and his decision to go for two with second left. His team was gassed. He knew that Sam Darnold only needs 30 seconds to get a field goal. He knew the clock had 42 seconds to go so it was a gutsy call but the right call. Talk about hold your head high. Great shot at it coach. Tip of the hat.

Fight On Beat Notre Dame

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