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PAC-12 Championship | USC vs Stanford

How sweet it is.  So much history between these two great programs.  So many swings of emotions and dominance from era to era.  Tomorrow in front of a Silicon Valley crowd at Levi Stadium at 5pm (thank you Pac-12) the two schools will square off one seeking revenge for the beating USC put on Stanford game 2 this year and the other seeking it’s old chair at the head of the PAC-12 by winning the Championship game on December 1.

Both coaches are hugging and kissing the opponents daily in the media.  Trying to keep them guessing.  For the Cardinal of Stanford they know what they are going to see as Sam Darnold is the leader they must stop and Clancy Pendergasts defense albeit injured and missing a few is unchanged from the game 2 loss.  For USC not so fast.  They are facing a new QB who did not avail himself in game 2.  This is a huge advantage to the Cardinal and the biggest challenge for Pendergast and his defense.

This game is being pegged as a USC +3 presently which I find challenging as the Cardinal are the team no one wants to play right now other than Auburn.  USC is a very up and down emotional team that on any day can dominate and go to sleep only to allow the opponent back in during the second half.  They have yet to step on a throat and shut them down for 4 quarters unless you look at game 2 with the very same Stanford Cardinal.

The media is loving this one.  Too bad the PAC-12 didn’t think about Silicon Valley logistics on the busiest traffic day of any week that being a Friday at 5pm.  Talk about not being awake and not being aware.  For the Cardinal, their commute is local.  For the Trojans they will fly in and stay close to Levi Stadium and prepare for battle.

This game on this date the coaching staff of Clay Helton has to be crisp.  They have to be aligned and together on their red zone offense.  This has been an obvious miss and a distraction to the offense almost every game.

Tomorrow we all get to see if the Trojans lead by Sam Darnold are truly ready to step back in to the lead horse in the PAC-12.  We are hours away from what should be a great game.

Fight On, Beat the Cardinal.

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