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Imagine what it must of been like to be the younger brother of the head coach.  Handed the reins of the QB coach and sitting under the offensive coordinator who had a pretty spectacular 2016.

Well that is what Tyson Helton signed up for after a short stint as OC for Western Kentucky.  In 2016, the Western Kentucky football team has a heck of a year statistically and although Tyson didn’t have a long run as OC he clearly was in control last year.  When his older brother came a calling he took the demotion to QB Coach and inherited one of the best talents in all of CFB.

Most would say that the Trojans seemed out of sync on situational play calling.  An offense called “Tempo” would sometimes yield an untimely timeout.  Typically this so called “Tempo” offense would snap the ball under 5 seconds left in the play clock.  When the camera would pan the offensive line you could see Sam Darnold and the rest of the offense standing and waiting.

Was this caused by three really smart guys all trying to out think the other team and no one really sure who had the call in key situations?  Who goes in to shot gun on first and goal inside the 2?  No one may no for sure just who owned what until one of the three coaches speaks about it but for now its a big question mark.

With Tyson now heading to Tennessee to be the OC for the Vols this littletriangle would appear resolved.  This season had a lot of good statistics loaded in to it.  Tee Martin was not getting the just rewards of what may be his biggest challenge

Tyson Helton

to date as a coach.  Sam Darnold struggled early as we all saw but his stats today are ok.  Not great but ok.  So let’s hope the Tyson does well and let’s also hope that Tee Martin owns the Cotton Bowl calls for the entire game and the entire field regardless of the score or situation.

This is a huge game for the program and for Tee Martin to show that his situational skills are tuned in for what the Ohio State defense will throw a the Trojans.  Let’s put this all on the field in Arlington Friday not the 29th…

Fight On.

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