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The Once Proud Coliseum

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

It used to be that the Los Angeles Coliseum was a place for the Trojans to dominate. The tunnel and the fans united in an assumed victory every week. As the opponents would walk through the tunnel to the field of battle they sensed the vibe and then the band played on. The Trojans began their walk through the very same tunnel while the visitors watched and felt that feeling of power and pride coming at them. Flash forward to today and we are polar opposite to that once electric five minutes of build up.

Today when a team arrives at LAX and makes the trip from their hotel to the Coliseum they know that they can win today. They know that the Trojans are not invincible at home in the grand old Coliseum. Victory is possible and all too often that is what has happened. In 2021 that has been the feeling regardless of opponent entering the tunnel.

Last night on a perfect Saturday evening in Los Angeles the Trojans were in the game and mounting up strong statistics on offense while that feeling of here it comes was present on the screen or your own eyes if at the game. Utah was ready. They usually are and yet the Trojans are the great unknown with a QB that is a mere glimpse of his former self. Lost in his own state of mind where today he doesn't trust his former self. Kedon cannot get out of Kedon's own way. The Utes were rolling off 4 straight touchdowns and while the offense was racking up yards they were not cashing in with points. The defense was bending and breaking and then gets fooled on a trick play by Utah just before half. No halftime speech heroics on this day of loss for the Trojans.

Where this team goes from here is anyones bad guess. The staff looks settled in on it's over and just do their jobs but no more. No emotion. Just lets get it over as who ever becomes the new head coach will bring their own staff. It shows on their faces and its apparent that the players are also feeling the same or at least showing very little desire to right the very ship they sail to battle each week.

The opportunity for whoever is found out there is enormous. The USC Brand is still an attraction and always will be. The talent rich California coast is an opportunity of a lifetime to be a hero in La La Land.

Fight On - Notre Dame on the road in two weeks.

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