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USC 2018 Football | Hype or Illusion

Sometimes the USC football program is a curse.  The media is divided on whether this years version of the Trojan football program is going to be the one that jumps back in to the elite status that it dominated under the so many coaches in the past.  The era of greatness is one season away.  But for how long does the fan base continue to believe and stop the doubting.

The cure is easy but the easy is illusive and at times an illusion.  Some will say that luck plays a role in everything and to some extent it does.  How a team performs can be attributed to the health and wellness of the team and staff.  Luck clearly plays in to that.  But being prepared and being physically ready is not luck.  It’s dedication to greatness.  It’s taking the words “can we” and turning them in to a winning attitude and culture.

Football is a violent sport. Hype is used to create an aura around symbols of toughness and invincibility.  The media delivers the hype but when hype does not transcend to results on the field of battle then all you have is illusion.  A program of mirrors and hope that over the years the media wants to see develop and rise above the ashes of past hope and promise.

For the Trojans of 2018 they are deep.  No illusion there.  This team has skilled players and for the first time in many years can take advantage of this and utilize those 40 days and nights of spring and fall camp and hit.  Take the words of the coach Helton and be physical.  Be smart but hit.  This team cannot hope for “no pads November” as a symbol of the season.  There is but one goal. This goal is embedded in the fixtures of the campus.  Tommy Trojan stands on defense of what can be and should be honored by the battle each week with a victory that is not only a win but a thunderous victory that tells the college football world that USC is back and this year and for all the years to come this is the program to be at.

This is the football team that no one wants to play.

Fight On!

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