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USC Football | Measuring A Program

Whew! What a weekend. Happy Fathers day to all. On Saturday the USC Football team parted ways with “Matty Ice” Corral. Truly a gifted athelete who on all media fronts appears to be departing based on some off program issues. Character matters in the top programs and its not just going out there and saying it over and over.

Sometimes you have to take difficult steps to reinstate your cultural aspirational goals as a program. Those of us that closely follow the Trojans know that “Faith, Family and Football” is not just a a saying. This simple but very clear statement is what Clay Helton and entire staff buy-in to every day. It permeates the team and fans day in and day out. It means that this program won’t take risks with indivivuduals that don’t buy-in as well.

Belive you me, this was a big loss for the Trojans as Matthew Corral is a gifted talented future QB at the division one level. He has all the physical tools but like many he is growing up and has had some issues that are crossing the line for USC Football at this time.

This sends a message. This reinforces that no one is above the cultural aspirations laid out for all to agree to. If not there are doors to cross out of and take your god given talent elsewhere. The Trojans will never trash a young athlete. They will not point fingers at one side or the other as stated this was a mutual agreed to separation. Hard to swallow but for both sides this will hopefully work out and the Trojans wish Matty Ice all the best in his puruits an dreams. He is so talented that maturity and focus on one day at a time is critically important.

Fight On

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