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USC Football | Transitional Week

Well all good things must come to an end. Winning forever is a great focus and desire but we all know that this is not forever. It get’s to state of mind and it’s good to focus on winning forever and building an attitude of being invincible but history tells us all that this is not sustainable for ever. So when a great streak comes to a streaking halt what happens next? How does a team or individual handle the transition from that unbeatable phase to today’s reality and get ready for the next foe?

USC Football is clearly in the path of transition. The fan base is on fire again. On fire to rid itself of the useless head coach who is 4-1 and in his last fourteen games only 13-1. Bum. How can we as fans tolerate this! Surely there are more worthy head coaches who can take our proud tradition to it’s lofty goal of number one in the nation every week. Talk about a first question for the interviews.

Then there is the mysterious disappearance of the Heisman quarterback, Sam Darnold. This elite do everything win everything incredible young man who has been struggling to get out of the starting gate this year. The injuries the soft practices that are not resulting in healthy starters each week. So why go soft if the results are the same? So many questions and emotions surround the USC Football program today. I would have to say that a lot of these questions did not blow up this week they have been building since opening week.

There is a pattern in the USC games in 2017. They seem to have a pretty good opening drive. Great plays. Good play selection and timing. A team that looks like its former self. But then, literally in the very next series, the team goes 3 and out. Forcing plays that fail over and over again. They seem to want to dictate rather than take what is given. It’s interesting as the definition of insanity is similar to what we are seeing on the offensive side.

This week we take on an Oregon State Beaver program that is still one of the weaker programs in college football. They are not suppose to compete physically with USC but this years team and everything we have seen so far tells me that anything is possible in this game. Who will start? Who can start physically? Trojans need to come out in the first quarter and take this talk of physicality to a new level. Introduce the Beavers to the tip of the Trojan spear. Light up the play book and if something goes flat don’t go their again and again. The play book has many pages. Use them. Liberate this stale offense for the Defense is there. The special teams are getting better. If this offense shows up against OSU we have the ability to turn this rudderless ship in the right direction.

Let us not forget that one year ago our record was not 4-1 going in to game six. We own the control of the South. Win the South. Win the Pac-12 and hold on with one loss and the CFB playoffs are not out of the question.

Fight On

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