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The kids are all onboard. The excitement of the new Fall Camp is now 12 days away and ticking closer and closer. Social Media is looking for any reason to take the Trojans down a peg or two but they keep denying. They keep rising. It’s all about US. This team at this time will make the change. This team is all about us. They are an elite gathering of extereme talent sometimes refered to as elite athletes. This staff is one of the best in the Power Five schools bar none.

The hype on this team could overwhelm most programs but these kids are focused. Laser guided with extreme caution on the tweets and fascebook stories they become a part of. Time will tell of course but right now there is no better place to be than the halls of USC.

Coach Helton and staff are fine tuning their plans and shifting starters with back ups to model and remodel the team across the seasona and key weeks. We play them one game at a time but make no bones about it there are marked weeks and those teams will require this team and staff to step it up to the highest level of output and delivery for the season to be a success.

As successful season this year is to make the playoffs then win the coveted trophy to show the college football world tha the Trojans of USC are back and they are back or a long time to come. The trophy is ours to take. All eyes are on this team and it is evident in the media and the concerns that they have for this team to measure up to the Alabama’s and the Ohio States of the program. All fair comments as we have seen this school get hyped up and fall to it’s knees during the sanctioned years.

For now we all anticipate. We all hope and envision a team that gets off to a quick start against the schedule then focus and re-focus on the goals and objectives for the year to be as successful as possible.

Fight On!

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