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USC Trojans - Arizona Week

It's Arizona week, and all eyes will be on the tunnel and how the Trojans look and sound as they come off the bye week and, of course, the difficult loss by one point to the Utah Utes before the bye week. The season is in the balance every week, and this week will tell many who are wondering just where the health and wellness are and where the minds of the Trojans truly are focused as they must come out this Saturday and put the pedal to the floor on never let up on the Cats.

Arizona will play as if it's a bowl game. Nothing to lose. The Trojans must level up and not be looking to ND and UCLA on the horizon. Slipping now would completely turn a great turnaround story into the abyss, and there is no need for this on paper versus Arizona.

We have seen so many great steps in a multi-year turnaround that we are getting spoiled. It's fun when you get to participate as a fan with something so amazing as what Coach Riley and staff are putting on the stadium floors week after week.

2022 YTD Leaders

With the status of Jordan Addison still unclear (injury), the Trojans will need to step up and cover the loss should he be sidelined or unable to perform at 100%. The Trojans have plenty of weapons to fill the need, so I'm not worried here. The way Caleb Williams spreads the ball creates a false negative on key roles, as they will not see the Top 5 level numbers they normally would, given all of the talent assembled on the team in 2022 and beyond. The culture will be truly tested as the ego of any top athlete is always a concern, but so far, I have to say this is not an issue to the public eye. We should be keying on the running game and getting Austin more touches with Ralek in the slot to go one-on-one in space. A battering of Dye and Austin should be plenty.

Coach Grinch has to solve the 40-plus given up to the Utes. That is never acceptable. An offense that scores 40+ should not be wondering what happened. Last minute or for any reason. I see this game as a statement. The attitude and defense must be there this week and must send a message to the remaining competition that we are not looking backward.


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