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USC Trojans Game 4 | CAL Bears

Next Man up is all the rage on the USC practice field. Is this doom and gloom as the team faces the undefeated CAL Bears this week on the famed Strawberry Hill? Or as some would suggest, is this an opportunity of a lifetime for those underclassmen who work tirelessly to support the team in spring and fall camp and then watch the starters dominate the opponents they take on each week?

As the Trojans begin their week they know that their foe is managed by a new coach who once walked their halls and game planned against the enemy. Justin Wilcox has the Bear program believing in itself again. Gone are the days where they just show up as they are are gearing up for a season where they are starting to believe in themselves. We will see this weekend as they clash with a Jekil & Hyde Trojan team coming out of a war in the trenches with the Texas Longhorns.

Let us not forget that the Trojans won that classic on Saturday against the Texans. Feels like we lost when you follow the spin blog’s and the media in general. Saluting a loser such as Tom Herman and his team is odd but thats the price you pay when spring hype expects a much higher level of competitiveness week in and week out. Can’t take the heat? Get out of the kitchen they say.

The Trojans are beat up. The list of players on rehab island is staggering but isn’t this team well prepared for this? Isn’t this team deep? The answer to all of thse questions can be answered on the field of play and as they mentally prepare for the games in practice. The coaches will earn their keep and the medical staff will be put to task. The Porter Gustin experiement last weekend in the first half was not wise. He may be set back muc longer now as he fought to stay in that game while most were shocked to see him even warming up in the north end of the endzone in pregame warmups.

The Trojans have the man power to take on anyone even when depleted via injuries. The CAL Bears have an opportunity if they choose to take advantage of it. Their one big swing will come in the first quarter and if they can get a punch to the nose on the Trojans they might be able to hang close where a mistake or two opens the door to the realm of an upset. The Trojans are 16 point favories coming in to the week over CAL. Not so sure they deserve that cushion but we shall see.

For now, sit back and remember that we are 3-0 not 1-2 in 2017

Fight On, Beat The Bears.

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