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USC vs California Week

The California Bears are coming to town, and this great year-over-year game will be missed soon, so let's get to the Coliseum and represent and help the Trojans take on and destroy the Bears on Saturday. The Bears always seem to find something in their energy level, regardless of record, to rise up and battle our Trojans, so never take them lightly. The Trojans must win out to be a consideration for the college football playoffs, and these are the games that can steer them in that direction or derail the possibilities of a playoff run.

Who are the 2022 Cal Bears? Let's take a look below through last weekend:

Our defense should do well versus Cal on paper. They appear to be a team that has not been able to mount the type of offensive threat that Cal has shown over the years, especially in the passing game. We should be able to add to our takeaways in this game, and our offense should not be slowed. It's funny when I say this, but I still have to remind myself it's the PAC-10, and we do tend to beat each other up, especially when big games are in the future vs. the current week's foe.

Considerations for the offense this week. Get the Run to Pass ration shifted Saturday. Let's go 55-45, run to pass, and see what happens. Rotate the three running backs series to series and save Dye's body from too much wear and tear going into the back third of the games. Austin and Brown have great talent and, when called on, have done well, so let's run the rock on Cal and put more smiles on this #3 Nationally ranked offensive line. Yes, #3 nationally! The O Line deserves to plow downhill and dominate. They have earned the nod.

On the defensive side of the ball, let's put the heat on. Every play, every quarter, don't let up on the throttle. Release the heat and keep it on them and they will create more turnovers and contribute to the win in a big way. Cal is all set for this, and let's face it this could be their bowl game so putting heat on the QB is critical to take their minds out of the game early and continuously.

My overall impression of this game is that USC will score and score fairly easily, but our defense depending on who is healthy, could be giving up ground, and thus a weak-looking Cal offense on paper could break through for 20+ points.

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