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USC vs Ohio State | Cotton Bowl 2017

Two storied football teams in USC and Ohio State. Two programs that have endured the test of time and have risen and fallen only to now be on the rise once again.  To finish with a Bowl victory in the Cotton Bowl for 2017 is going to send a strong message to all of college football that these two schools who were knocking on the door for a seat at the table will be a ready for 2018 come September 2018.

USC and Ohio State have played many times and many times they have shown the world of college football fanatics why these two programs are so cherished by the rising stars of High Schools around the country and the world for that matter.

One school has a living legend in Urban Meyer while the other has a legend follower in Clay Helton who has turned a ship that was bouncing off the rocks following the NCAA witch hunt that placed the program on the shelf never to be heard from again.  Clay Helton has had his rocky moments but he has never relented in his battle cry, “Faith-Family-Football”, in that order.  His team has leveled up their focus and play on the field and slowly but surely he has amassed one of the best first 2 years of any coach in the history of USC Football.

Urban Meyer is caught up in a tough situation in 2017 as his Buckeyes have benefited from not winning their Conference Championship and making the playoffs last year only to get pummeled in the playoffs.  They have a huge chip on their shoulder as Nick Sabans own quote that “No Non Conference Champions should be allowed to compete in the Playoffs” has now come full circle and Alabama is now in Ohio States seat at the dance for the National Championship while not winning the SEC in 2017.  Careful what one says is my advice!

So, we have two programs with chips on their shoulders heading in to Jerry’s house in Arlington Texas this Friday night at 5:30pm PST.  This should be a doozy.  This game should be a helmet to helmet smash mouth game and one that we will be talking about for months if not years.  It’s all there.  The kids have known for weeks who they will face off against.  The coaches have their playbooks ready and the bands are even going at it.  What more can we ask for or want?

Fight On to victory in Arlington, Texas.

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