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WSU Recap Playing Like No Tomorrow

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

All throughout that amazing comeback victory at Martin Stadium vs the Washington State Cougars I kept wondering one thing over and over again. What did interim coach Donte Williams say at halftime. You see, for so many years under the Clay Helton era we would see the team go in to the locker room at halftime and re-emerge as if nothing changed or worse the team would fall in to a deeper hole to start the fourth quarter. Now, many of those games, did miraculously turnaround thanks to so many great Trojan players of yesterday and some who are still with the team today. But why? Why did this have to happen and why didn't what we watched yesterday occur under Helton?

It's simple and complicated at the same time. Helton never had the resume of being a head coach at this level of the game. He also has a DNA that allows him to do certain things really well but managing a Power 5 back to true elite status was not possible. Then you have those who also do not have the resume as a head coach like Donte Williams and their DNA does have that switch that gear that allows them to command a locker room like no other. Im not here to tell you what he actually said but if you were at Martin Stadium or you watched the game from the comfort of your favorite chair or bar stool you saw it. You saw what I saw and this team came out of the locker room with their hair on fire. They were flying around the field in pursuit of any Cougar who had the ball or sought to take our ball carriers and receivers down. It was back to the future. It was hope. It is not fixed yet. This takes time but for one day and in to the late afternoon on a rainy day in Cougar Ville the Trojans showed up. They took command of a game they once chose to do every game day. We all had smiles after that game.

Fight On means a lot to many. At it's core it's about never giving up and taking it your opponent until they surrender and give in to your desires to move through them in pursuit of your goals. It's a belief and a passion that many who have agreed share in their personal and professional lives and it provides a bond to the Trojan Family that is like no other.

Fight On. The Band Plays On

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Unknown member
Sep 19, 2021

Thank Goodness I had my labs or I would’ve been yelling and cheering at the TV by myself 🤣🤣🤣✌️🏈💪♥️🤣

Unknown member
Sep 19, 2021
Replying to

Kedon has the ability physically but he has been unable to mentally get back to his Freshmen year. Took way too many hits to his body and head in that second year and then COVID happened. Sometimes athletes build that wall around their own God given talent that never allows them to recoup the wonder year or years. It happens. Kedon is also a pocket passer and does not have the type of athleticism that Jackson Dart showed yesterday and our O Line is a long ways from being a protective pocket but in this day and age the athletes on the D Line and LB's are fast and agile and the game has really moved on with respect…

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