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Welcome to our blog where we focus primarily on the University of Southern California Trojans football program.  However, we are in the final year of our PAC-12 relationship and will be taking our journey to the BIG TEN @B1G.  These are going to be exciting times and our team will be stronger and our program will be deeper across the USA.  2023 will forever be remembered for the "final year" the last year whereby the PAC-12 can assert itself against the will of the USC Trojans.

A few years ago we launched a proprietary score prediction game we call Game Day.  Game Day is free to all members.  Our memberships are free as well.  We have sponsors who determine the cash prizes for the top 3 performers each season.  The more that play, well the more the game pays out.  Click on Game Day to learn more and make sure you subscribe and become a member before the first game is played as the number of games is very important to your success.


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