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2024 B1G Time

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

USC and ucla will soon be joining the B1G. Will it still be referred to and officially called the Big 10 is anyone's guess but it's all good. For many seasons we have watched the PAC-12 leadership work as hard as they could to reduce the leverage that USC as a football program had over its peer schools. Now of course, no one could have predicted the NCAA sanctions finally putting a knife in the heart of the program for 10 seasons but now we see the long-term impact of the former leadership of the conference who were all into parity. Their top dog would understand and get in line with the rest of the schools and stay happy and enjoy their programs and all the PAC-12,11, 10, 9....has to offer.

We all know that everything eventually comes to an end. Some disappear never to be heard from again while others say, ENOUGH. We finally took too much. We have to take care of our brand and our school and move to a conference where champions are forged and the future of the sport is clearly headed. To wait or to do nothing is to die. The rest of the PAC-? are all trying to move on. Whether in a downsized version for the former 12 or merge into other conferences like the Big 12 or other western based options.

For USC they will wear that badge of the hated. The ones that tore apart the former PAC-12 and never looked back. Look what they did. Look what happened to us. Well, I don't foresee USC changing its direction but because of their dual move with UCLA, we now see George K doing a hyper skip of activity to try and save his new job. Too little too late. George is known for his out-of-the-box thinking and being one step ahead of the competition. But not this time and time was never on his side. He inherited a mess not unlike what Lincoln Riley chose to do in November leaving behind a good job in OU. George was actually quoted that he didn't anticipate the amount of travel the new job demanded. Ouch. That right there shows complacency and lack of desire to get out there and immerse yourself in the core of your new career move. That painted a picture of not really being in touch with the core issues he came to manage.

For the B1G schools, they are picking up two brands that have huge recruiting ramifications for them. Every trip west has the power to recruit the kids in the west while a game day is happening. That's powerful. Having the recruit on your sideline playing in the historic LA Coliseum is an amazing experience and will be a powerful draw for the entire B1G schools. A marriage made in heaven is always a wait to see. But I personally see this as a powerful first move to which there will be a few more before the dust setlles.

Fight On

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Jul 16, 2022

Lots of haters out there. Many pointing to the travel burden but two things I focus on, it's not the entire season having to go east. In addition, OOC schedules can be managed. Although I'd like to see the SEC poked a bit. Lastly, we are only talking about 1-2 hrs of flight increase of say a UW trip or in ND's case not much change at all.

Fight On!

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