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The Law of Attraction comes to mind when I think of the vacant USC Trojan head coaching job. You have some of the most amazing set of variables to set the table for a championship program like no other. A private institution if it learns to get out of its own way. Ok that could be viewed as a negative with the current regime but I digress. The school is located in the #1 geographically situated hot beds for the nations top talent. Southern California. Teams from all over the nation come here to take our high school seniors and pry them to the SEC, BIG 10 and BIG 12. In recent seasons post Carroll this has not been hard.

As USC's AD Mike Bohn continues his search the variables are stacked in his favor for location, talent pool, the weather and the legacy of once proud institution seeking it's way back. Who wouldn't want to grab that brass ring and be a part of the return to glory given all the potential the market has to offer and the job will provide via the school? AD Bohn's cricket approach is self inflicted right now. He knows what he has. He put himself in this position by delaying action on Helton last year or the year before. So be it. Now he sits looking across the landscape of potential head coaches and has all of the amazing attributes to point to candidates and seek that diamond in the rough or marquee name to come west and conquer the demons of USC's post Carroll years.

If Pete Carroll, who at the time of his unemployment saw in USC what is still here why wouldn't the next great coach see the same? It's actually not hard to rebuild USC and in 2-3 seasons be a solid dominating program once again. That person is out there. Keep your eyes and ears open to the possibilities that maybe just maybe the program doesn't need a Saban but really needs a sound defensive top line recruiter who knows how to build and shape a winner from within their own geography. Once that is in place, the outsiders will show themselves and be knocking on the door once again to come West and be a part of the next great era of Trojan Football.

Fight On!

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