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Bowl Wish List | USC Style

First and foremost Happy Holidays everyone. Really appreciate all the kind words in email. We have taken a lot of your ideas and as you can see we have a new format and site up and running!

Now on to the topic at hand. We have a great opportunity to show the College Football world that USC can stake a seat at the table. This year has been anything but solid when you look at the games over the season. Each one outside of the first Stanford win was up in the air in the fourth quarter for most of the games.

The Cotton Bowl is a chance for USC to grace AT&T with a whole different set of style points exiting Texas. We have a chance to show the world that we belong. We have a great opponent. We have two schools coming in to a National stage with chips on their shoulders. Can’t buy that usuall will have one but not two.

Urban Meyer the established legend in his own mind coach and Clay Helton who has, against all odds, amassed a record that any school other than USC would be handing an extension to. 21-2 in his last 23 games. Hmm. A Rose Bowl victory over a once thought of Playoff team in PSU. We didnt even win the PAC-12 in 2016 but won the Rose. 2017 we win it all in the PAC-12 and now face tOSU Buckeyes in the Cotton Bowl. Clay Helton doesn’t show any anger. Faith Family and Football. He never veers.

My Bowl Wish would be a complete game.  Offense/Defense and Special Teams come out of the tunnel and turn it on from start to finish. Pedal floored.  No laying back waiting for mistakes.  Create the atmosphere and win out.

Fight On

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