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Bring on the Bulldogs

The Fresno State Bulldogs are one of those teams that everyone is aware of but typically overlooks. They always show up. They have a great fanbase. Their teams are physical. They have limited resources but overplay their budgets almost every year. They attract good coaching staff year after year, and when a big game is coming up, they put fear into that opponent. Basically, the Fresno State Bulldogs love to upset the apple cart. They take that talent that may not be ready for the USC or UCLA's in southern California and turn that into a focus.

Post-game notes courtesy of Barkboard, "The Fresno State Bulldogs were one play away. The Bulldogs and Beavers traded leads three times in the final two minutes, with the final change happening with 0:00 on the clock when Oregon State’s Jack Colletto ran through a defender and score the walk-off touchdowns.

Moments after the heartbreaking loss, Fresno State head coach Jeff Tedford and quarterback Jake Haener took questions from in the post-game press conference.

Tedford said in an opening statement, “Well, we lost the game. That’s the bottom line. We lost the game. A lot of back and forth, and the guys fought and battled. That’s a good football team over there. We answered they answered that we couldn’t make stops when we needed to and couldn’t convert in the red zone with field goals. We missed a couple of field goals, an extra point. We came out on the short end.”

A loss is still a loss, as we always remind ourselves, but I see the Fresno State game this week as a great building block to the OSU game coming up in short order. Fresno State outplayed the Beavers, but the Beavers found a way to win, and at the end of the day, that's all that really matters. Having a heavy heart for the Dawgs is fine, but the Beavers have notched another victory, and the Trojans would do well to really study the game film on this past weekend, which we know they will. Really provides a birdseye view of both opponents for 2022, which is a blessing in disguise.

So we have good recent film. We know who they are and I suppose it goes both ways. They clearly see that all the doubt behind the USC WIN NOW vision is starting to look real.

Fight On

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