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Bye Bye NCAA

The writing is on the wall. It has been growing in frustration among the powerful teams in college football. The NCAA has worked itself out of its very own toy project. They served up mistake after mistake and blame all others for their errors. Now, things are heating up as "super conferences" are now a real topic of discussion. Listening to the XMRadio broadcasts like Full Ride you can see where everyone is painting the next steps. Rick Neuheisel, one of the stars of the show is really dialed in on this today. He has done his homework and quite frankly I'm 100% in agreement with him. He sees the future with the Super Conference design that others will also start to come out of the NCAA stranglehold and begin to say goodbye. He touched briefly on Title IX and how a group of Power Conference schools could exit the NCAA and form up without the need to worry about Title IX. Now our current administration may try to weigh in on this but for now, there may be a path.

Rick has a unique style and he does his homework. Even though he once roamed the Westwood campus and worked to knock off the Trojans every year he did earn a Law degree at USC so he has one foot in and one foot out. There is a great scenario that I believe will have its first real shot once all the lawyers get out of the way and the Money is figured out. It's always about the money. Never forget that.

My thoughts would be a 64 Team Conference. Four 16 Team conferences. Each conference would have 2 divisions of 8 schools. All division champions would be in the playoffs. No end of year play-in. Win your division and you are in. Then win your conference and move to the field of 4 Teams going after the national championship.

So what happens to those schools that are not selected for the 64? Simple, every year the bottom 10 schools of the 64 are out. The schools that are 65 and up who are ranked (need work here) in the top of the remaining teams move in. Wow, that's crazy. But think about it. Near the end of each year teams that are mathematically eliminated from their division 1st place would stop playing to win so-to-speak. I'm sure there will be pushback on that but it happens. But if you know that you could move out of the 64 and fall down to the 65 abyss then you would play lights out till the lights are turned off. Just my 2 cents but what a wild season each year would be.

Fight On!

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