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BYU Cougars Week

I had to write that like three times to sink in. It's the end of the season and it's BYU week? Doesn't feel right but everything about this year hasn't been feeling right so here we go. The BYU Cougars have played 4 PAC-12 games in 2021. They have won them all. Given the state of the USC Football team its seems like a no brainer that they will make it 5 in a row short of a Team Meeting by the Players taking a stand. This is about pride fans of the Trojans. This is where the players take ownership. The coaches are 2 games away from a new employer so they are not going to try and change anything. Just get it done. But the players have one shot at showing the college football world that there is still life within the Coliseum and Heritage Hall. The John McKay center awaits.

Legends of the past need to knock on the doors of Heritage Hall and ask for time with the team. They need to be present. They need to represent all that is USC's past and future. This team is lost at sea and their coaches have no incentive to do anything as they wind down their careers with USC. Will some be staying? Maybe but their is a good argument to clean house. Spray the place down and start fresh. Any new coach will have that written in to their contract and be allowed to build their staff in their vision of what will bring life back to a once storied football program.

The BYU Cougars are salivating for this game. It's the once proud Trojans vs the kids from Utah who have that soft schedule but look tough every year. Well the PAC-12 so far would say otherwise but the PAC-12 may have trouble with any out of conference school today. This is a program rising and has been for years. From a coach of the year candidate in, Sitake to a group of young men winning honors nationally. This team is well built and focused to enter the LA Coliseum and make it a home game for the Cougars.

Whether or not this USC Team rises up to the occasion or not is anyones guess as they have been built soft by over 8 years of the Helton disaster. Whether they decide amongst themselves is anyones guess as a clear leader in Drake London is no longer a part of the 60 minutes of gridiron action. But he could be that voice in this weeks locker room who raises his voice to a level that wakes the dead between and raises the roof of Heritage Hall. Bring home some legends who can talk about the pride that is lacking here and make one more attempt to build something out of nothing.

Fight On because that's what we do.

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