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Normally I try to write about the last game on Monday's. Today, well, I didn't even try. It was so depressing to watch both teams for 3 quarters just not care about their efforts it was too easy to fall prey to that. So let's focus on a very winnable game this week! The Bears. Road Game. Time to go to Strawberry Hill and leave a statement on 2022 as this team isn't going anywhere in bowl season again. Chants of bring back Clay are clearly not happening and yet this team must show everyone that those returning care.

So who are the CAL Bears in 2021? Courtesy of Sports Illustrated:

When you stare down the bottom of those stats this one could be a lever in favor of CAL as emotionally we really don't know where the Trojans locker room state of mind will be for the staff and the players. CAL on the other hand would love to take a win at home against the once proud Trojan Football program. CAL has the stain of ending the Arizona 20 game losing streak so we have two teams that are beaten up and depressed about to take the grid iron come Saturday.

Everything points to a Trojan victory and a much needed win psychologically but will the staff show up? Will they motivate this team to rise up and do what they should do and pummel this depleted Bear team? Will the staff end this platooning of the QB's? That has to end as its clearly not allowing either Dart or Slovis a chance to get in the flow of the game. Never works and how about HUDDLE UP. Let whoever is chosen as QB-1 formulate some leadership with each snap starting with a HUDDLE!

Fight On!

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