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CAL Week Plus The PAC-12 Championship

The Trojans take on the California Bears this Saturday night December 4th at 8pm. Cool temperatures are predicted for Berkeley ranging from 47 to 63 degrees so be ready if going! The cool down in temps this week should not impact the Trojans internal fan base temperature as the news released Sunday 11-28-21 from Heritage Hall and AD Mike Bohn was heating up the internet let alone the fans of USC who have been hoping for this moment and this level of head coaching hire for over 9 years now. Thats a long time for the Athletic Department of any school to be at such odds with their fans and donors. Those days are over this is now all about how fast can Lincoln Riley install his staff and program and bring back the glory days of USC Football.

Ok back to the article title! The CAL game is the postponed game as we all know. Many had hoped, given it's meaningless to both schools, that is should be cancelled. But a couple of things have occured since those dark days. CAL was starting to look stronger albeit short lived and USC actually showed some spirited play against BYU at home last Saturday. Sounds like a story line or two will rise up here. Imagine if AD Bohn figured out a way to have Lincoln take the HC role for this game? Imagine what that will do to further instill the energy level we are all sensing throughout the Trojan Family. These are exciting times but we need to keep it on a high level of exposure as recruits of Lincoln RIley and USC decommits are all back in play.

I have no clue what will happen in Berkeley this weekend. Would love to see Coach Riley on the sideline and he should be available :). Time will tell and a news conference is scheduled for today so let's see what the next move will look like. If the Trojan team that appeared against BYU Saturday night is the same team that shows up this weekend then the Riley factor will not bode well for the Bears. USC will steam roll the Bears in a way to send a message that the culture surrounding Heritage Hall for the past 9 years is morphing back to the glory days of old. This will happen if somehow someway Bohn gets Lincoln Riley to the sidelines in some capacity Saturday night.

Ok enough of LR. Our Game Day contest ends Saturday night against the CAL Bears. But PLEASE don't forget to place your predictions for Friday nights game for the PAC-12 Championship. It's a required game per the contest. Right now we have 16 100% vested in the annual contest meaning they have each played every week. The game sorts the standings based on weeks played first then your average score. So if you miss Friday or Saturdays game you most likely will not make it to the Payouts come Sunday morning. Make sure your contact information (Email and Cell Phone) are updated as the payouts will be made to your email accounts.

As a conference it would be great to see a sell out in Las Vegas for the PAC-12 Championship game. Utah has emerged as the team no one wants to play. Oregon tripped up on the way to the game but re-appeared somewhat last week beating a good OSU team so Im expecting a good game and no blow out by Utah. Utah will win this game in what could be the game of the year in the PAC-12.

Fight On! Believe in Lincoln!

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